Flashback 2017 Women’s March LA

Hopped on the train from Fullerton to Union Station. This felt much different than other marches I’ve attended. Every age group, race, ethnicity, color and creed came out in this historic moment. And as this year has passed it has become more obvious that this was just the beginning. Hillary Clinton could not break the last highest glass ceiling for women because there’s still a lot of work to be done for equal rights for women.

Flashback 2017 Costume Figure Drawing nights at Fullerton College

One of my favorite things this year was costumed figure drawing night at Fullerton College. The highlight was getting captured in cartoon form by one of the other artists! She definitely captured my concentrating face!

Flashback 2017 Thanksgiving

Tday at mom’s. On this day, I become a sous chef to help prepare the feast. There were 16 people there! We had our table outside to accomodate everyone.Everything was delicious. It was sweltering hot on Thanksgiving. Truly a Californian fall.