Welcome to Professor Danielsen’s ESL website!

About this website: Through my years as a writing and ESL tutor, and now as an English/ESL teacher, I have found myself recommending the same things for students over and over again. This website is a collection of class assignments for my students, as well as tips and recommendations for native and non-native speakers of English struggling with learning to write creatively or academically.

About Professor Danielsen: I was born and raised in California. Growing up, I had many friends that were learning English as a Second language and I saw them struggle with the language and the social isolation that comes from facing language barriers. While I was attending Cal State Fullerton for my undergrad, I worked at the Writing Center and found the same feelings of frustration and isolation from the ESL and international students that I tutored. In 2011, I studied abroad in Italy and attended the Fine Arts Academy in Florence — a university taught entirely in the Italian language. I had a moment of epiphany when I shied away from my art professor because I didn’t want to speak to her in my imperfect Italian, when my native tongue was much more nuanced and spoke more to my intelligence and coolness — this is how my ESL students felt in America and I carried this back with me and immediately enrolled in an English Grammar class when I returned to America. I continued my studies in TESOL – Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, and graduated with my MS TESOL from Cal State Fullerton with the help and guidance of some of the titans of the TESOL field. I am now teaching at a few community colleges and I am excited to help my students continue their studies in English!


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