JET Programme: Cats & Mall Rats

I’ve been in Japan for almost a month now! Amazing! I feel like I’m finally getting settled in, and eager to explore more of the places around me. It was a busy week for trying new things:

Mall Rat

Me to culture shock:

I’ve been taking more time to do self-care and treat myself to things, to counteract the emotional rollercoaster of living in a new country separate from loved ones. Takasaki Station itself is attached to the Montres mall, and a 5 minute walk will also bring you to OPA mall. After work, I have been starting to explore these malls, and there are a lot of awesome shops (particularly clothing shops)! In the highest irony, as American malls are dying, I am quickly becoming a mall rat in Japan.

Moff Animal Cafe

Cat shelves

The Moff Cat Cafe in the OPA mall was super cute. I was feeling bummed about something or other, so I decided to spend the money and go pet some cats. Moff cat cafe boasts many cats and apparently one ferret (which I did not see). Most of the cats were chilling or sleeping. Obviously, these cats are very accustomed to humans. They didn’t even raise their heads as I approached them. As I pspspsps‘d to one of the cats, it hit me with a stare a la Manet’s Olympia.  A knowing and indifferent stare, I am just one customer of many customers before and many to come after.


Some of the other cats were more energetic. There was a Bengal-type cat that was jumping around everywhere. There was a little kid playing with the cat and it was super cute.


In addition to cat cafes, there are also just a bunch of feral cats that roam the city and countryside.


This has been an eventful week, so I will be posting more blogs this week centered around different topics.

Here’s a bonus picture regarding cats, in case you don’t want them around your house (the feral cats here are super vocal) or jumping on your counters, I have a product for you: Don’t cat!


Please feel free to comment or share my blog with others. If there’s anything in particular you would like me to write about, please reach out to me!

Till next time!


Author: Marissa

I am an artist, a writer, and globetrotter. Trained as a traditional fine artist, I am now exploring the digital arts with a great interest in sequential arts and storytelling.

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